Spanish speaking runner looking for running companions

Hi all,

A Spanish speaking recent arrival in Ithaca, a male who loves to run, is interested in running with other Spanish speakers as he gets to know our community. Want to put in some welcome miles with him?

If you’d be interested, please respond to @krishainessharp and I will connect you.

Kris (Chair of Diversity and Inclusion Committee)

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Hi, I’m Catalina. I’m from Colombia
I would like to running whit him

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That’s wonderful. If I could get your email, I will connect you!


@Caty If I I can get your email, I will connect you! Thanks so much! Kris

Hi Kris
This is my e.mail
And my cellphone for wsp
+57 3155174873
(This number is from Colombia)
I’m heed

Hi, a little bit late. I’m Euge, another Spanish speaker!

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Thank you! Could I get an email from you and I will put you in touch?


Hi! sure. My email is Thank you!!