Splinter In Foot

I got a really small splinter in my foot Saturday morning, totally embedded. I tried to get it out in my best overcome-your-wimpishness mode but could not.

So I ran a mile to see how much it’d hurt; it only hurt every, oh, 40 strides, so I soldiered on and went 4 miles later in the day.

Has anybody run with a splinter in their foot before? Or do you take the pain and get it out shortly after the foreign object has penetrated?

P.S. Yep, it’s still in my foot but I fully intend on getting it out tomorrow, yeah, tomorrow, that’s it.

I’m no doctor, but I’d take a splinter out before running on it. Seems like running on it would be likely to embed it further, and if you adjust your stride to reduce the pain, that could cause problems elsewhere.

If you can’t get to it easily enough, given that it’s an awkward spot, perhaps someone in your family can try with a needle. Plenty of advice on the Internet about how to do that. If it’s getting at all red and inflamed, that suggests an infection may have started, and it’s probably best to go to the doctor.