Sprained ankle and ankle brace

So, after over 30 years of running and 17 years of running on trails, I’ve recently experienced my first sprained ankle (left) that swelled and got the usual blood below the ankle and above the foot bed. It’s been a bit over two weeks since spraining and I still have a little bit of swelling but I can talk walks, and today I took a 4 mile hike on trails with Nancy (ran maybe a mile but not all at once). The ankle is obviously still a bit tenuous, so i’m looking for an ankle brace to provide additional support. Does anyone have any recommendations on what has worked with ankle braces? Amazon literally has hundreds to choose from, so a bit confusing. Let me know if you have suggestions and provide any links if you have them.

Not sure if this helps, but when I wrecked mine, I preferred a good old-fashioned generic beige compression wrap to any brace I tried, as I could customize the tightness and angle as desired – maybe not as supportive as a pre-formed brace, though, if that’s primarily what you’re looking for.

I was lucky when I sprained my ankle after tripping on the rail in Barton during a speed workout. Although I did a serious number on the ankle (including a visit to Urgent Care) that took quite a while to heal, it wasn’t wobbly after the fact. I ditched the walking boot and crutches almost instantly, since it was January and I was going to kill myself by slipping on ice, and I let the swelling serve its purpose in reducing mobility to the joint rather than trying to reduce the acute inflammation. Afterward, I had good results with using a heating pad to encourage blood flow to the area.

Perhaps @JTuori has some ideas on mechanical support, especially now that he’s seeing high school athletes in a wide variety of sports, or maybe @Ian has some ankle supports in the store.

Given the search for assistance and answers started with or was limited to referring to Amazon having hundreds and being unsure which to choose from and looking for insight…rather than checking with me or stopping down to keep it local…I guess I’ll leave it to Amazon reviews instead of weighing in or mentioning what we have. And feeling a bit offended. I’ll get over it. Sorry to hear and hope it heals up quick though Steve.

Well, I did stop by your store @Ian a few weeks ago looking for Hoka Speedgoats. So, I’m still trying to keep it local! I didn’t even think your store carried these kinds of things, so sorry I didn’t ask before hand. I guess now I know!

That’s alright, I’m over it already. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email if you want me to weigh in on anything. And, if I’m remembering right, won’t you blow the toebox out of the Speedgoats? Check out the Topo Ultraventure.