Spread the word about the Newcomer's Guide to Running in Ithaca

As the Cornell and Ithaca College semesters start up, lots of newcomers have questions about running in our area. We’ve developed the Newcomer’s Guide to Running in Ithaca, with sections on local clubs, recommended routes, races, sources for running gear, youth running options, and healthcare providers. It’s a Google Doc that we update periodically, and suggestions for edits or additions are welcome.

If you’ve met anyone new who’s a runner, please tell them about FLRC and the guide. It’s linked on the front page of the FLRC website and available directly at:


Thanks for helping to make Ithaca a welcoming running community!


@Courtbell73 @iSolaro Some great resources for you two!

Thank you! What about local tracks that are accessible for the public?

Trumansburg’s track is available any time no one using it, even during the school day. - Source Trumansburg High School Athletic Director, 2022.
Newfield’s is available after practice ends for student athletes each day. - Source Mik Kern
Lansing and Moravia have short/open fences, but please check with school administration before using these tracks.

As these and other local tracks may change who is allowed on them and when, I don’t think their availability can be made public officially.

Good question, @Andrew1, and @J_J’s info is helpful. We have a list (with Google Maps locations) of local tracks from the FLRC Challenge Sweet 1600 page. I’ll add that to the Newcomer’s Guide.

This comes up often enough that I should contact the various schools and figure out the official policy.

Area schools that have tracks include:

Please follow posted signs or check with the school administration before running on a track. Avoid high school tracks completely during school hours, and if a track (or the field it surrounds) is in use for any other purpose, don’t run without first asking for permission.