Spreading the word about the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot - print-and-post

@print-post-team With COVID being less of a huge thing (and with my back operation well over), it’s time to bring back the print-and-post team, just in time to put up flyers for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. Here’s how you can help the club:

Download a copy of the flyer, print it out, and post it somewhere easy for you. This could be the bulletin board at your gym, coffee shop, community center, or grocery—or your office mailroom. If you get a chance, write back here to let us know where it’s been posted. I’ve already posted one in Teagle Hall.

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We’ve got a few up in Ian’s store already too.

I dutifully brought those posters in & then forgot to look for a posting board!
Anyway, it was fun catching up & being adults out to lunch at work together - thanks!
I’ll put the posters up soon, maybe one at Greenstar this evening :slight_smile:

I think I distracted you from putting up the posters. Greenstar sounds great!

Excellent to have them in Ian’s store!

I gave two copies to someone at the desk at Island Fitness. He said that he would ask about getting them approved. If they are approved they’ll go up on the bulletin board in the main hallway by the front door.

I’ll hopefully get to G/star by tomorrow!