Straight GPX tracks for the FLRC Challenge trail courses

@jeanluc Yeah, I would love to join you or any other folks on Sunday for some of the trails. Are you familiar with the courses? @Adam, is there a way to get the GPX without signing up for a RunGo account? I’d like to use my watch for navigation rather than carrying my phone (and likely busting it or me).

Not directly from RunGo, they make you pay for that feature.

I can share them here, or maybe @adamengst can just upload them to the FLRC site and add links to the course pages?

First off, if you have an Apple Watch, @aaronking32, you can use RunGo on it. I’ve done that a few times and it works well.

Otherwise, yeah, exporting the GPX track from RunGo requires a paid account, but @Petorius and I created all those RunGo courses by exporting a GPX track from a Strava run and then importing into RunGo. So we could upload those to the course pages too. Let me know if that would be helpful.

Thanks Adam. Yes, that was what I was hoping for if possible since I knew the data had come from somewhere within the group.

@Petorius, perhaps you could send me your Strava GPX tracks for the FLRC Challenge trail courses (Danby, Thom B., and Frolic)? I haven’t actually run any of them yet due to my calf issues, and I’d prefer to post one that matches what we’ve actually set out rather than something I did a while ago.

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These follow the Challenge courses to a T in the same direction as outlined in the Challenge course descriptions. The Frolic one takes the front loop clockwise. Anyone on this thread can download and load into their watch without having to go through RunGo.

FLRCC Danby.gpx (1.1 MB) FLRCC Forest Frolic.gpx (1.5 MB) FLRCC Thom B.gpx (1.3 MB)

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This is cool, though I don’t have a watch that can use these. But: can we repost this message to a new thread with a more appropriate title? The title for this thread is “Carpooling…”, not somewhere someone would naturally look for these gpx files…

Why yes, we can break this into a new topic. :slight_smile: Discourse is an app of wonder.

I’ve also added links to those GPX tracks to the Web pages for those Challenge courses.