Strava "Why We Run" study of 25,000 runners

I’m not sure there any big surprises here, but it might be interesting to go through the findings from Strava’s study to see how your reasons for running, running habits, and running aspirations compare. There are some fascinating cultural differences between countries too.

Wow, they lay out the info in such a detailed and interesting way. Thanks for sharing!

On a semi-related topic, here’s a good article on the growth of ultrarunning as it stands today. I think FL50s doesn’t fill up as quickly as it used to simply because more and more races are popping up each year. Yes, demand is increasing, but it may be getting outpaced by supply.

Fun fact: One of Aliza Lapierre’s 50+ ultra finishes was a win at FL50s in 2008 and CR on the old course (per UltraSignup).

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