Suggestion: New Categories

I’d like to add the following categories:

  • Runnerd (to discuss current running news and controversies)
  • Training (to help address training advice/tips)
  • Route Recommendations

Hah! Took me a few seconds to figure it out. Might have to be capitalized as RunNerd for people who are slow on the uptake like me. Or we could be all boring-like and call it “Running News” for the long name and “runnerd” for the short slug name in the URL.

Absolutely. I’d love to have this.

Looking for runs in all the wrong places? :slight_smile: I don’t have a sense of whether or not people are looking for new routes or not. But if we could figure out a good suggested template (GPX? Strava link? etc), we could build up a library of good runs that people could talk about.

The other category I want to start soon is Injuries. I think there would be lots of interest there.

Let me see what comes out of the board meeting on February 12th, and if it’s positive toward Discourse, I can create these.

We don’t want to get too granular to start with categories, but I could also easily see a Gear category to discuss shoes and watches and clothes, and we could add an Announcements category that would be just for announcements from the club (as opposed to the free-for-all in General).

It might be a case of “if you build it, they will come” too—people might feel more inclined to post training questions if there was a Training category or shoe questions if there was a Gear category.

For the Route Recommendation category, I was thinking of questions like Chelsea’s from last week, where people are looking for a route that has particular qualities. Maybe it wouldn’t be used much.

I think both Strava and MapMyRun do a great job with route links.

Alas, I can’t take credit for RunNerd. I picked it up from Twitter. I thought it was Amby Burfoot’s handle, but he turns out to be @exerscience.

I would love a Route Recommendations category.

That sort of post would be totally appropriate too… Again, it’s possible if we build such a thing and seed it with the sort of questions and comments we think would be appropriate, it might turn out to tap a hidden need.

It would also be nice to have all of the route recommendations organized in one spot to peruse for inspiration!

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It could certainly turn into a page on the main site once enough had been collected.

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I’ve got CalTopo maps made up for 5 of our trail races, which I’ve embeded into the corresponding race Web pages. For example, the Frolic 7k and 15k routes: If this advances as a forum category or a Web site sub-page, I’d be happy to create for of these for various trail routes, such as the 8-mile Monkey Run loop I frequently do, Abbott Loop, and a scenic, half trail and half road loop around the Cornell campus that I run frequently.

As we get closer to the full transition, I’ve created four new public categories:

  • Announcements: For official club announcements of races and other events (only race directors and board members can create a topic, but everyone can reply)
  • Training: For questions about how best to train for particular distances
  • Injuries: Because being hurt sucks, and at least you can ask for advice here
  • Where to Run: For asking for and sharing route recommendations

Enjoy! We can keep an eye on General and create more categories if it starts to fill up.

It turns out that @vedgund is a huge running geek—he knew way more about all the runners in the Olympic Trials Marathon than anyone else, and he said he and maybe @RichHeffron would be up for helping to kickstart discussions of the wider running world. So guys, you’re really game for this, I can create Running News for you and we can use it as a spot to post stuff outside the FLRC bubble.