Sweet 1600 comments and clarifications

Hey @Challengers, I’ve gotten some comments and questions about the Sweet 1600 “course” that I wanted to address for everyone:

  • The leaderboard is coded to accept only one story/shop local post per course per day because it would be sort of nuts to allow multiple reports for someone who decided to do a long run on the track. The only downside of that is that if you, like @ruth-sproul, decide to run on two separate tracks in a day (very cool!), you can only get community stars for one of them. Sorry!

  • If you’re traveling and want to pick up some Sweet 1600 efforts, you do need to find a track—1-mile splits on a general run don’t count. However, tracks are pretty common at high schools and urban parks, so some searching around in Google Maps or Apple Maps should help. The screenshot below shows a search for high schools in Toronto, after which I just zoomed and panned around until I saw some—they show up really well from space. :slight_smile: I was also surprised to see how many public tracks there are in New York City.

  • If you do run on a track while traveling, please post some pictures to get your community stars! Tracks tend to look very similar close up, but we’d love to see some big overview shots if you can get them.

  • Remember that we’ll have FLRC track meets at Ithaca High School this summer so you can get a fast 1600m in with competition.