Syracuse Indoor Track Meets Jan 9th and 23rd

For anyone looking to get some track action in this month, the Syracuse Chargers have all-comers meets on January 9th and 23rd. See attached for flyer.

Syracuse Chargers Indoor Track Meets @SRC Arena2022.docx (81.6 KB)

How cool that the meets are free of charge and open to all! I’m surprised the longest event they have is the mile. Where are our speedsters who want to get out there? @patrickmilano did you see these?

Does anyone know if the Syracuse Chargers have COVID-19 precautions or requirements, such as vaccination requirements or masking rules? I didn’t see anything on the entry form or their website, although the site does say that they may cancel meets if necessary.

It’s likely that the Onondaga Community College COVID-19 Safety Plan and Procedures would be in effect, and those say that masks must be worn at all times indoors on OCC campus. So it’s probably a good assumption that you’ll have to wear a mask at all times at least when not running, and perhaps when running as well.

Thanks for posting this! I’m planning on going on the 23rd. If anyone would like to carpool and/or make a 4x200 team, let me know!