TC3 course preview on Thursday, October 27, at 12:30PM

@pgxc-flrc @pgxc-high-noon: On Thursday (10/27), Dave Kania and I are planning to run the TC3 course for this Sunday’s PGXC #4 race. If you are looking for another chance to check out the 6K course, I hope you’ll join us. We’ll gather at 12:30 on Bahar Drive next to where the red and orange lines meet on the course map, and start running at 12:40. (Google maps pin of meeting spot)

According to the TC3 website, “Visitors may park in any of the general parking lots except for Lot 5. Parking Lot 5 is reserved for faculty/staff parking. Visitors are not required to have permits in order to park on campus.”

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In case it matters to anyone, the course will be flagged Thursday morning so there should be no need to get lost on a noon-time run. But do watch your footing. There are some groundhog holes that may not yet be filled in or otherwise have a warning cone.

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I have to admit I am getting concerned about these groundhog holes. Are they worse on this course than they have been on the others? And just how prevalent are they? Thank you.

Can’t say that I have noticed holes like these on any of the other courses. They are in just a few specific places and have been marked. But some are quite deep. Hopefully they will be filled as Charlie indicated.

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Today’s group run was great. Six of us enjoyed cooler temps, sunshine, and fantastic views to the west across the valley. @CharlieF had just finished flagging the course. The flags worked very well, and at no time did I feel lost. I think this course has more uneven ground than some, in the sense of running across a hill instead of running directly up it or down it. As for holes, it seemed normal to me. There is at least one driveway crossing where the edge of the pavement drops off a few inches abruptly to the shoulder, so that is an area where I plan to pay attention.

This is a challenging course! Just when you think you might be done with the uphill part and you are enjoying a swooping downhill… there’s yet another uphill! But it’s all down and flat at the end, and I think it will be a lot of fun!