Thanks for making the 2022 Skunk Cabbage Classic a success!

We all know Skunk is special—it’s not just another race. It’s when we poke our collective heads out of winter hibernation, grumble about the weather, and get out there to run, volunteer, and hang out with friends we don’t see as often as we’d like. Sure, Skunk is a race (and results are up), but it’s equally an excuse for the local running community to reconnect. A number of people made a point of telling me how much they appreciated Skunk coming back after our two-year pandemic hiatus.

So from that perspective, FLRC would like to thank everyone who made Skunk possible this year:

  • First and most important, thanks to race directors Vinny and Nichole Cappadora, who picked up the baton and made the entire event happen.

  • Second, thanks to everyone who signed up for Skunk, especially those who braved the early morning rain to run in what turned out to be entirely reasonable conditions (before it rained again and then snowed—never a dull meteorological moment here in Ithaca). Can’t have a race without runners!

  • Third, thanks to super volunteers Mickie Sanders-Jauquet, Joel Cisne, Alan Lockett, Tonya Engst, and Sandy Gregorich, who helped out hugely in advance of the race with food, safety, transportation, race promotion, and Cornell Athletics.

  • Fourth, thanks to Cornell Unversity in general for hosting Skunk, plus Cornell Athletics, the Cornell Police Department, the Varna Volunteer Fire Department, the Ham Radio Club, Leone Timing, the Finger Lakes Running Company, Bangs Ambulance, Dryden Ambulance, and the Town of Dryden and Town of Ithaca for providing the infrastructural support necessary for such a large event. Super special thanks to Diane Kubarek and her intrepid bagpipers at the Stevenson/Dodge intersection! Apologies if I’ve missed any other groups.

  • Fifth, thanks to all the people who volunteered their time before, during, and after the race, including at least: Mark Booth, Casey Carlstrom, Penny Ciccone, Joel Cisne, Heather Cobb, James Dean, Sarah Dellett, Jason Demarest, Kerry Demarest, Katie Durrant, Makoto Endo, Adam Engst, Tonya Engst, Charlie Fay, Steve Folsom, Carl Franck, Zsofia Franck, Laurel Gilmer, Ian Golden, Maren Golden, Nora Golden, Sherry Golden, Samantha Guggenmos, Ana Haff, Kristina Harrison, Tom Hartshorne, Ithaca Hash House Harriers, Alex Kleinerman, Jesse Koennecke, Jami Landry, Steven Lee, Jane Leff, Alan Lockett, Stacie Mann, Paul Maza, Gary McCheyne, Mario Medina, Patrick Milano, Megan Powers, Aaron Proujansky, Bruce Roebal, Steve Ryan, Mickie Sanders-Jauquet, Steve Savage, Isabelle Schweitzer, Anne Shakespeare, Kirk Smith, Ruth Sproul, Sheila Squier, Frances Steen, StS, Bob Swizdor, Bob Talda, and Mark Wells. If you jumped in on the spot to help where help was needed such that your name wasn’t on the Volunteer Sheet, extra thanks to you!

Here’s looking forward to Skunk in 2023! Now go sign up for the FLRC Challenge, which starts April 16th.

–Adam Engst, FLRC President

PS: If you have any great photos of you and your friends from Skunk, please upload them to our shared photo album, soon to be populated with professional photos as well. And feel free to post any funny Skunk stories or race reports here too!


And then there was beer at mile 8! :grin:

I had asked Heather at the finish line about helping take down things but then I had to bail, so I apologize. Thanks to everyone who volunteered today. This was my first Skunk and it was a great experience!


Those hashers! :beer:

No worries about needing to bail—there will be plenty of other opportunities to hang out with the cool kids while volunteering.


It was so great to see you and catch up a little after your finish!

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It was great to see you too! And awesome to have you place the finishers medal around my neck after I had to walk off that finish and almost forgot! :joy: It’ll be great to catch up more with you in the future. :blush:

I look forward to hanging with the cool kids. :wink: Thanks again to all of you for pulling this together.

By the way, the finish line photos are epic. Major kudos to the finish line photographer for capturing everyone’s emotions so well at the end.

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This being my first skunk, I was really impressed with how well organized and supported this was. The volunteers were awesome and did a great job of managing the traffic and the runners. It was also nice to finally run some of the course without the need of a headlamp. It was a good time and it was great that the rain let up until most everyone was finished or close to it.

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Here are the intrepid fellows at the Ithaca Hash House Harrier’s water/beer stop around mile 8.5 (Photo credit goes to Dean Johnson.)

Word has it that they received hilarious comments from a number of the runners. One female runner reportedly exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting 3 years for this!” and enthusiastically grabbed two beers!
:smiley: We love that kind of enthusiasm!
Thank you to all the Skunk ppl in charge. It’s always a great race!


Beer was courtesy of the Ithaca Hash House Harriers. If you’re 21 or older, give us a look up. (Shameless plug! :upside_down_face:)

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More than twice that age! I just checked out the page. What a fun idea!

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