Thanks to the FLRC volunteers who helped at the Virgil Crest Ultras!

Huge “Thank You” to Steve Shaum, Nancy Kleinrock, Audrey Balander, Klaas Van Wijk, Linda Eckert, and Daniel Longaker for the many, many hours assisting Ian Golden and running the Hope Lake aid station at the Virgil Crest 100. I definitely couldn’t have/wouldn’t have done it without you. We had many, many “Thank You’s” from the runners, the support crews and parents. Great Job!



Thank you all so much! It was so nice knowing that the runners were well taken care of. You’re the very best and I hope you all get rested and recovered.

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I accidently left Dave Kania off this list, I’ll blame fatigue! Thanks Dave!

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It was good seeing so many familiar faces at Hope Lake, especially the second time through as the sun was about to rise. Thank you all for spending a large chunk of your weekend doling out bananas and lying about how great we all looked!