That makes two! FLRC Open and Vets women win again in PGXC race #2

The second PGXC 2021 race took place on a new course at Everest Park in Auburn under gloriously sunny skies. And talk about a race for the FLRC women, who took home two titles again!

Thanks to photographer Jamie Love, we have lots of great race photos. If anyone on the @pgxc-men or @pgxc-women teams also took pictures at the race, please upload them there.

Team Results

The top three FLRC Open women—Jenny Berkowitz, Sarah Codd, and Kathleen Kanaley—finished just 4 seconds apart, with Sarah and Kathleen separated by just 0.1 seconds. They were fourth, fifth, and sixth overall in the race behind Cornell coach Isabella Dobson (running unattached, but we’re recruiting!) and two women from Buffalo’s Checkers squad (including ex-Ithacan Jenny Selig, just 3 seconds in front of Jenny Berkowitz). But Checkers wasn’t able to field a full five-woman team, so Dobson and the Checkers runners fell out of the team scoring, giving us 1-2-3. With Molly Doruska in 11th and Amanda Lockett in 15th, we ended up with a cumulative score of 32, which put us 2 points ahead of the Syracuse Track Club. Sarah Ridenour, Amalia Skilton, and Ashley Brown rounded out the team this week.

WO-FLRC-A    Finish Position -     1
  Team Score (places):  32

 Place Name                         Place       Time     
    1  Jennifer Berkowitz              1         19:37.7 
    2  Sarah Codd                      2         19:41.0 
    3  Kathleen Kanaley                3         19:41.1 
    4  Molly Doruska                  11         23:41.9 
    5  Amanda Lockett                 15         25:20.5 
    6  Sarah Ridenour                 16         25:50.9 
    7  Amalia Skilton                 21         27:39.5 
    8  Ashley Brown                   23         29:34.2 

WO-STC-A    Finish Position -     2
  Team Score (places):  34

 Place Name                         Place       Time     
    1  Dara Megivern                   4         20:06.4 
    2  Abbie Sullivan                  5         20:19.9 
    3  Elizabeth Riccardi              6         20:42.5 
    4  Emma Lape                       9         22:05.4 
    5  Kelli Carsten                  10         23:22.3 
    6  Katelyn Lagatella              12         24:02.7 
    7  Siobhan Young                  14         25:12.5 
    8  Michelle Stiles                18         26:04.0 
    9  Stacy Underwood                20         27:22.0 

The FLRC Vets team also repeated their winning ways, with Caitlin Loehr taking second overall, Brenda Osovski taking third, and Sandy Gregorich in 6th. Their 11 points easily outpaced GVH’s 16-point total. Kim Jackson and Anne Shakespeare (running down from Super Vets) filled out the team.

WV-FLRC-A    Finish Position -     1
  Team Score (places):  11

 Place   Name                         Place     Time     
    1    Caitlin Loehr                   2       22:44.0 
    2    Brenda Osovski                  3       24:01.7 
    3    Sandra Gregorich                6       24:47.6 
    4    Kim Jackson                    10       25:28.0 
    5    Anne Shakespeare               17       30:05.8 

WV-GVH-A    Finish Position -     2
  Team Score (places):  16

 Place   Name                         Place     Time     
    1    Beth Anne Deciantis             4       24:09.0 
    2    Bonnie Lindblom                 5       24:37.8 
    3    Carol Reif                      7       24:49.2 
    4    Leann Finnigan                 13       27:41.5

Although FLRC was able to field only those two winning teams this week, the High Noon men had a few decent finishes:

  • High Noon Open men: 3rd (down from 2nd without our top two runners)
  • High Noon Vets men: 2nd (up from 4th last week, with a 4-5-6 top three places)
  • High Noon Super Vets men: 4th (up from 5th last week)

Full women’s team results and men’s team results are now available.

Individual Results

We didn’t take home quite as much chocolate as the first race, but we still put a few runners in the top three slots. Full individual results are available.

  • Jenny Berkowitz: 3rd in Open women (after overall winner Isabella Dobson won wine)
  • Caitlin Loehr: 3rd in Vets women (below left)
  • Banyan Love: 2nd in U19
  • Joel Leff: 1st in Ultra Vets men (below right)

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Yeah!!! Congratulations FLRC Women!!! WooWoo!