The 2024 Tortoise & Hare Trail Race is this coming Sunday, July 7!

You can still register for Sunday’s Tortoise & Hare Trail Race at Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca! Sign up by tomorrow (Saturday) evening, July 6.

If you are able to drive or would like to carpool, sign up here. Remember there’s a $9 entrance fee for parking at the park, though there’s additional parking on Route 13 east of the park.

And if you are not running but would like to volunteer, we’d love to have you! Sign up to volunteer.

See you on Sunday morning!

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What a wonderful event! Many many thanks to Laurel and her staff. Special thanks for Ms. Love’s wonderful photos (due to her precise shutter work, Mr. Cisne’s shows that he was clearing experiencing an extreme runner’s high) and to Ms. Loehr et all for the most incredible array of snacks imaginable. The course was outstanding.