The Danby Down & Dirty trail race is coming up soon on Saturday, October 14!

The Danby Down & Dirty trail race, with 10K and 23K options, is coming up on October 14, and it’s easier on our race director and volunteers if you sign up early this week. Whether you’re new to off-road locomotion or are a seasoned vet with well-worn lugs on your shoes, you’ll enjoy Danby State Forest’s beautiful scenery and hilly singletrack. Register today for a fun time in the spectacular autumn woods, complete with seasonal post-race food, potable age group awards, and professional race photos. And probably mud. There’s almost always mud. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need a ride out to Danby or can give one, please sign up to carpool. Also, we can use a few more volunteers, so if you can help, please sign up in Helper Helper.

Fun, friends, and food—it’s a great way to spend a crisp October morning!