The singletrack of the Thom B Trail Runs is looking lovely - sign up today!

I ran the Thom B Trail Runs course at last weekend’s group run, and I gotta tell you—the trails are easy going this year. Yes, a few of the traditional muddy spots still want to pull off your shoes, but overall the footing is dry, the shade is pleasant, and the effort of the Friends of Hammond Hill to improve the trails is evident. If trail racing makes you happy, you can’t go wrong with spending the morning of May 20th on Hammond Hill wending your way through the woods. Register today, and if you aren’t sure, look at these happy runners from last year’s race—this could be you!

The race follows an 8.5-mile loop. You can run the loop once, twice (17 miles), or three times with a mini-loop add-on for a full marathon. The race is also the first in the 2023 FLRC Trail Circuit, now in its second year of having a digital leaderboard to track Pebblehead, Stonehead, and Boulderhead ratings. Plans for the race include a mid-loop aid station, refreshments at the finish, and trail markings/marshals so you can find your way. Jamie Love will be taking photos this year; those images will be available on the FLRC Photo Library to racers at no charge for personal use. We also have custom voice-based RunGo directions available.

Not in shape for 8.5 trail miles? Please sign up for the volunteer opportunities that are still available. After all, volunteers “run” the club!

Runners of all abilities are welcome, and I hope to see you on the trails! —Tonya Engst

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