Thom B 2021 registration closing soon—register today!

A quick reminder: if you want to run the Thom B Trail Runs on Saturday, you must register online before 6 PM on Friday night. There is no day-of-race registration.

The race will take place at Hammond Hill on Saturday, May 22nd, with three distances: 8.5 miles, 17 miles, and 26.2 miles. The marathon starts at 7 AM, with the other two distances starting together at 8 AM. The weather is looking good!

When driving, do not believe any GPS directions other than those that involve approaching from Irish Settlement Road and turning onto Hammond Hill Road—all the other conceivable roads are impassable. Parking will be a bit tight in the parking lot and alongside Hammond Hill and Star Stanton Roads, so please obey the signs about where to park.

We can’t use Camp Earth Connection this year, so we’ll be setting up in the field next to the Hammond Hill-ton warming hut, just past the trail kiosk. Thanks to Ann and Charlie Leonard! Given that we’re into blackfly and tick season, insect repellant may be helpful, and be sure to check yourself for ticks when you get home.

The new location requires a slightly different course, increasing the length of the one- and two-loop options and changing the baby loop for the marathon. Happily, the new course matches the Thom B. course used by the FLRC Challenge (which has custom voice-based RunGo directions if you want additional navigation help beyond the course markings), so everyone who’s participating in the Challenge can submit their in-person race time as one, two, or three Challenge efforts. You’ll have to keep track of your split times if you do multiple loops.

Remember, unless you’re fully vaccinated, you must wear a mask at all times before and after the race.

Re: A Race Experience Like No Other
Dear Running Friends, I can’t thank Adam, Joel and staff enough for the wonderful reunion over the weekend at the Thom B. The challenging course was brilliantly marked (thanks Dave K.). Joel C. gave an inspiring welcome back to the world for many of us at the 1/2 loop start. Very Best Wishes Gang, Carl (Franck)

And a couple of photos from the start of the race…