Thom B 2024

Many many thanks to you (race staff and fellow runners) for a wonderful experience yesterday. One of sweetest things to happen to me in recent months was to see so many friends old and new at the sudden finish. It was like a surprise party. To work backward: the snacks awesome (that’s what I was visualizing while running), deep in the woods, Bob Talda at the actual finish: now I know it’s done, much earlier Ian Golden so thoughtfully water stopping: although I kept running, we somehow had a wonderful conversation, at the start, Joel’s great instructions, with Adam beaming at the ready to start the clocks, a bit earlier Joel was making announcements with his upper body out of the driver’s window rapidly sliding his U-Haul pickup truck into place (I was trying to figure out who was behind teh wheel, I looked closely and saw there was only Joel there. He must have been controlling the steerting wheel with a foot). Again thanks for this spring rejevenation, Best Running Wishes for a great season you all, Carl