Thom B Trail Runs take place on Saturday: More runners and volunteers welcome!

The race directors, food crew, timing team, and others are finalizing preparations for the Thom B Trail Runs on Hammond Hill this Saturday, May 20. The race will offer 8.5 miles of trail (run one loop), 17 miles (run the loop twice), or 26.2 miles (run a baby loop and then complete the loop three times).

Runners: Please register online before 6 PM on Friday night so race director Joel Cisne (@Mr_Hector) can assign bibs, pack everything up, and get to bed. Registration closes for good at 6 AM on Saturday morning. There is no in-person registration at the race. Races start at 7 AM for the 26.2 miles, 8 AM for the 17 miles, and 9 AM for the 8.5 miles. Parking can be limited; there are several carpools if you need a ride.

Volunteers: The race needs a few more volunteers, especially at aid stations. Please sign up on Helper Helper and get in touch with Joel here (@Mr_Hector) or via email at if you have any questions.

With Super Frosty Loomis canceled for lack of snow, Thom B is the first race in the 2023 FLRC Trail Circuit, now in its second year of having a digital leaderboard to track Pebblehead, Stonehead, and Boulderhead rankings. Jamie Love will be taking photos this year; these images will be available for free in the FLRC Photo Library. The course is well-marked and you can also avail yourself of custom voice-based RunGo directions.

See you Saturday!

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