Thom B Trail Runs take place on Sunday: Last chance to register!

The race directors, food crew, timing team, and others are finalizing preparations for the Thom B Trail Runs on Hammond Hill this Sunday, May 19.

The trail race follows an 8.5-mile loop. You can run the loop once, twice, or three times with a mini-loop add-on for a full marathon. The 3-loop marathon starts at 7 AM, the 2-loop 17-mile race at 8 AM, and the 1-loop 8.5-mile race begins at 9 AM.

Runners, please sign up today: Registration closes for good at 6 AM on Sunday morning. There is no in-person registration at the race.

Parking can be limited; please sign up to carpool if you can.

The race needs a few more volunteers, especially at aid stations. Please sign up on Helper Helper if you are able to help out on Sunday.

See you Sunday!


Today was a lovely day for the record books - with 126 humans eager to test their mettle on the starting line, the pack enjoyed cool trails until the Day Star emerged from her cloudy blankets, just as the least-slow half-marathon finishers were returning to the venerated Hammond Hill-ton.

With a terrible shortage of contusions and lacerations, but plenty of bugs in teeth, laughter & hollering, and return-to-the-woods of quite a few of you (yes, you!) it clearly remains a true pleasure for all to welcome spring with you wonderful runners.

Thank you for helping make the day special.

With grit on the soles & ringing in my ears - see you out there soon - results to be posted as soon as the judges are adequately bribed.

Run free, ~”Mr. Hector”