Thom B volunteers needed for May 22nd

Hey everyone,
Tom B is in need of a few volunteers. Wanna come hang out with us on Hammond Hill Saturday morning? Let me know!


Hey Gary - I would be happy to come and help out.


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Can we still run in it? i.e. volunteer before and after race ?

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Hi Gary,
Since I am not a trail runner, I’d be happy to help.

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Thank you Stephanie! Can you be there at 6:30?

Yes,…if you’d like to come and help set-up around 6:15ish?

Awesome! Thank you. Wanna get there around 6:30?


Certainly! See you bright and early!

A friend forwarded me this as an opportunity to volunteer while I’m injured. Happy to help if still needed!

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Hi Gary, I can help if still needed.


Hi Michelle, Your help would be great! Can you arrive at like 6:30?

Hi Sarah,Sorry to hear about your injury. Your help would be great! Can you come about 6:30?

Definitely—see you Saturday 6:30.

Ooh early but I can do it! Meet at the trail head by the kiosk?

Hi Gary,
How long do you expect to need me on Saturday morning? I don’t have any commitments, but am mapping out my day.

I’m anticipating everything bring finished by 12:00. Obviously, if you need to head out earlier thats ok!