Three FLRC women's teams win! Results and photos from PGXC 2023 #3 at TC3

The @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon teams braved a wet and chilly morning at TC3 for the third race of the PGXC series. We fielded what I believe was our biggest turnout ever, with 67 runners total (out of 270 in the race), and in a first, a complete team in every age-group category, plus B teams in Open for men and women and a bonus Super Vets women’s B team. That includes both men’s and women’s teams in the 70+ Ultra Vet category! After the race, 21 of us decamped to Crossroads Grille in Lansing for a post-race lunching and debriefing, and if so many people hadn’t headed home right away due to being cold and wet, we might have doubled that.

(If you accidentally left a black women’s Columbia jacket and blue Nalgene bottle at the race, contact me and we’ll get them back to you.)

With Jamie Love out of town, you’ll have to content yourself with my photos from this race. There are some good ones, but the action shots would have come out better if there had been more light. :cloud_with_rain:

Full results are now available. (Select 23 for the year, 3 for the Race Results, and OA for overall, AG for age group, and TM for team, then click Submit). Thanks to enthusiastic recruiting of our local talent, the FLRC women’s team won three categories: Vets, Super Vets, and Ultra Vets, all of whom took home beer! Plus, we had 13 runners taking home chocolate by placing in the top three for their age groups.

Special thanks to those running their first race this year and who thus made those wins possible, including Inger Aaberg (who wins all alphabetization awards hands down), Dan Timmerman, Audun Dahl, Caitlin Loehr, Yvette De Boer, Deb Bliss, and Nancy Lorr.

Our next race is November 5 at the Finger Lakes Community College, and if you had a good time at this meet, you’ll enjoy the FLCC 8K course!

Team Places

  • FLRC U19: 3rd
  • FLRC Open: 2nd and 6th
  • FLRC Masters: 3rd
  • FLRC Vets: 1st
  • FLRC Super Vets: 1st and 4th
  • FLRC Ultra Vets: 1st
  • High Noon Open: 3rd and 5th
  • High Noon Masters: 2nd
  • High Noon Vets: 2nd
  • High Noon Super Vets: 4th
  • High Noon Ultra Vets: 3rd

Individual Awards

  • Banyan Love: 3rd Men’s U19
  • Kate Hulsey: 2nd Women’s U19
  • Gretchen Hulsey: 3rd Women’s U19
  • Inger Aaberg: 3rd Women’s Open
  • Dan Timmerman: 2nd Men’s Masters
  • Audun Dahl: 3rd Men’s Masters
  • Caitlin Loehr: 1st Women’s Vets
  • Julie Barclay: 3rd Women’s Vets
  • Yvette De Boer: 1st Women’s Super Vets
  • Gill Haines-Sharp: 3rd Women’s Super Vets
  • Deb Bliss: 1st Women’s Ultra Vets
  • Ruth Sproul: 3rd Women’s Ultra Vets
  • Charlie Fay: 2nd Men’s Ultra Vets

Thanks Adam for this great report and photos and hearty congratulations to our winning teams and runners on the podia!