Timing for Neandertals

I am just about recovered from a pinched nerve in one leg and will soon start running, then to join Joe Reynolds (scary thought) on the 70+ team. From reading about timing it seems that one has to run with smartphone in hand, is this correct? No way for tech dinosaurs to submit times? Yes I do have and use a smartphone but I do not like to run with one.

Nope, there’s no need to run with a smartphone at all. You can use the Webscorer app (even on a desktop computer for the flip-phone users) to enter times that you’ve recorded on your watch after the fact. Full details (and a video tutorial) here:


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Adam: Thanks for putting that page together - I was able to use it to record a time for the East Hill Rec Way after unexpectedly running the complete distance Tuesday (let’s just say I was faster than expected for once) and as such, wasn’t carrying my phone. However, the only downside to the manual entry: I didn’t get a chance to post the result until tonight, so it looks like I ran 3 courses today…is there any way to change the DATE of an entry?

In what little experience I have,

  • by strategically parking, the Cornell Botanical Gardens, Waterfront Trail and Tortoise & Hare courses can be run without a phone; simply drop phone off at car after recording start and then pick it up on way back just before finishing.
  • the South Hill Recway and Black Diamond Trail can be run without a phone if one is willing to either double back to the car after the start to drop the phone off or manually start the race; and then manually stop the timing when back at the car, and then adjusting the time per Adam’s technique. I suspect the Pseudo Skunk Cabbage fits into this category
  • I haven’t done the 3 new trail runs yet, but I suspect they fit into the latter category (MAYBE the Down 'n Dirty can fit into the first)
    FWIW, Bob

@bobtalda creative! Of course I would have to make sure my phone is charged for the slowness of my runs :slight_smile:

For the Recway the car can be parked at the end of Juniper right at the trail, for the BDT very close to the start sign, behind the Turtle Garden.

No, sorry. Webscorer timestamps everything as it comes in, and not even I can adjust those timestamps.

Personally, I always run without my phone and record on my Garmin, so please don’t feel the need to run with a phone if you don’t like to. I just enter my run in Webscorer as soon as I get back to the car. The main problem with using the phone to scan the course QR codes is that it will add some time as you fiddle with your phone at the start and end. Of course, you can always edit the scanned time to match with what you record on your watch.

The only downside of manual entries is that they introduce human error, in not recording immediately, in choosing the wrong course (not possible when scanning), or in entering the time wrong. None of these are major issues, and the vast majority of manual runs are being submitted correctly. If you do have problems, see:

I was wondering about that! I messed up the scanning at the end of my 20:50 5k and lost a few seconds before getting it to scan (and then stopping my watch). The “moving time” from my Garmin says 20:44 but I didn’t know what the protocol was!

Yup, totally fine to edit scanned times to match your watch. If you run a good time, you shouldn’t be penalized for fumbling with your phone.


Is there any way to edit the start/end times? I can change my running time, but to do that I have to start “self-timing”, then stop it a few seconds later, then edit the elapsed time. So the results show an incorrect time for when I actually did the run. I do know when I started so I could correct that.

No, sorry, there’s no way to edit the start/stop times.

One workaround would be to start and stop the timer right before you run, then edit the time afterward. It would be “wrong” in Webscorer (but not on the leaderboard, which ignores times under 4 minutes) while you ran, but then you’d edit the time when you were done to have the correct elapsed time.

I don’t have my phone with me. I have an old Casio with a broken strap – I start/run/stop with the watch in my pocket. As I said, Neandertal technology. I don’t even take my phone to the trailheads because stupid T-mobile rarely has a signal, and I don’t have a data plan anyway. So as soon as I get home (may be some time if I’m far away) I do the Webscorer.