Tokyo 2020 Olympics are postponed

The exact date is not decided yet, but the Games will be postponed no more than 12 months.

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It’s about time. Athletes must have been going absolutely bonkers trying to train through the uncertainty, especially for team sports or those that require using shared equipment or spaces.

I do think this is the best decision that they could have made. Jake Riley and Molly Seidel had already put out statements saying that they were strongly for games postponing but neither USATF nor IOC was committing to anything - which was rather disappointing. Canada and Australia confirmed even before that they wouldn’t send teams to the Olympics if they happened this year - trust them to do the right thing before being asked to :slight_smile: I like what Jake said - he doesn’t want an asterik next to his name saying he went to the Olympics in a pandemic in a potentially watered down field.

Yeah, right decision but still will be tough for athletes… Not sure how it will affect qualification. Many athletes aren’t sponsored and have not planned financially for another one year of training and racing.

Oh yeah, for a moment I forgot how close to home this is for you. How’s Mo doing with it all?