Tortoise & Hare 10K+ in the box for another year

Hey folks! It was great seeing all the runners, spectators, and volunteers out there at Tortoise & Hare. It looks like the distance of the race was somewhere near 6.7-6.8 miles. Just a quick recap: Adam Pacheck kicked butt with a time of 41:09. Our fastest female was Jullien Flynn, with a time of 52:29. In our Masters’ group, winners were Dan Timmerman with a time of 45:24 and Nancy Kleinrock with a 1:01:54. On the younger side: 14-year-old Nathan Trimer came in fast under an hour. His time: 55:44, and 9-year-old Mckenzie Leonard came in at 1:21:25. Folks, watch out for our younger club members. They are going to surpass even the fastest of us old-timers! It’s exciting to see. Congrats to all of our Hares! As the name implies, we gave prizes out to our Tortoises also. Congrats to Sibley Kourtney, Jim Hodges, Jamie Howard, Amy Spadolini, and Christine Fatcheric. Many folks were doing this race for the first time. Some, this race, was their first race ever! So congratulations to everyone for a great showing!
Thanks for joining us! We hope to see you all again next year!

Recap on the pictures:
Apparently, the finish line timers throw a penalty flag on Dan Longaker for his weak finish. He stopped before the finish line and walked the last two steps. The timers made him go back and give us a stronger finish. Thanks, Dan! Those timers can be fussy!
Next picture: Some of those notorious timers at the finish line.