Track Availability for Sweet 1600

Does anyone know if the T-Burg High School track is available for public use? If so, what hours? @scottpdawson @amy-dawson

And what about hours for the outdoor track at Cornell? @adamengst

I already know the rules for the Lansing HS and IHS tracks. Are there any others that are easily accessible and somewhat close to the other 2024 Challenge courses?

The side gates to Cornell track are generally but not reliably open. However, if the entire thing is empty and the gates are locked, the fence on the north side is pretty low, and it’s common for runners to hop it. Just stay off the soccer infield—the track people are much less fussy than the soccer people.

Hi Pete,
In the past, I have used the T-burg track regularly and as long as there isn’t practice or a meet, the track has been open for public use. I use this link to check out the meet schedule: Trumansburg — ScheduleGalaxy I am not sure what availability is like during school hours but I have found that the school is very welcoming to visitors and the track is rarely locked up.

Per the Trumansburg Athletic Director:

You can go to schedule galaxy for meet information and they practice from 3-5 daily. PE classes use it during the school day, so I would recommend any time after 5 pm Monday-Fridays (weekends would be up to the calendar).

Re: Trumansburg there’s no policy we’re aware of. The track is open, though, and as long as you’re not running on it during school hours or during a track or field event/practice/game, we’ve not heard of any issues.

Dryden’s track probably isn’t too far from Freeville Fly-In, particularly if you were going to or from Hammond Hill Hoctathon. I suspect it’s like the others in terms of not using it during school hours, but perhaps @caroline-brockner or @JoshB would know.

I have never had an issue using Dryden’s track, but have never tried it at night.

I usually use the Newfield track. It’s not far from Treman Trailpop and Lindsey Parsons.

Never had anyone approach me there and I’ve been finishing up my cool down close to dark. There isn’t even a gate at all track entrances so I assume you can use it whenever.

It is often windy though.

Thanks all!