Track volunteers—can you help out at a meet on Saturday, January 22nd?

Good news, @track-volunteers! It looks like we’re going to be able to have at least one indoor meet this year. Thanks in part to @becca-lovenheim connecting with Jen Potter, the Ithaca College women’s track coach, we’ve been offered the opportunity to use IC’s indoor track on Saturday, January 22nd, either before or after an IC meet.

The question for today is whether we should have the meet before or after. If it’s before, we could get into Glazer Arena at 7 AM to set up, and we’d have to be completely done by 10:30 AM so Ithaca College can have their meet. (I should double-check with Leone Timing to make sure we wouldn’t be preventing them from setting up when they need to.) Although our indoor meets are traditionally in the morning, this would be earlier than normal, and we might be stressed out if a lot of people sign up and we have to cap entries or do other awkward bits to finish in time.

If we go afterward, we’d probably start setup at 4 PM, registration at 4:30 PM, and events at 5 PM. Although that feels odd for an indoor meet, it’s roughly the same timing as our outdoor meets, and there wouldn’t be any stress on how long things could go.

When I started writing this, I was leaning toward the morning time, but now I’m thinking the late afternoon/evening time might be more fun and relaxing. What do those of you who have participated in a lot of the meets think would work best?

Judging from the meet requirements for IC’s meet, which Jen Potter shared, the COVID-19 rules would be that vaccinations are not required, nor do we have to check, but everyone must remain masked when they aren’t actually competing. That’s probably about as good as we can get. I’d probably strongly encourage vaccinations in the marketing.

Thanks Adam for this possibility. I would be happy to help at either time, Sincerely, Carl

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I can help at either time. I agree with your logic on the time of day. We definitely could do morning, but if things go slower than we anticipate, we may run into problems, especially since we don’t know how many entries we will get. I would lean toward the afternoon.

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I can probably do either time. But I agree that afternoon would work better, for the same reasons that Adam P. mentions.

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sorry - out in Ellicotville that day … unless there is no snow …

I can come at either time.

Tom R.

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I would prefer the afternoon time

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I’m pleased to help, either is OK, I think for most runners the afternoon would be better.

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Thanks, everyone! We’ll get into more details as the date gets closer, but the consensus is clearly to go for the late afternoon time. The only uncertainty there is that if the IC meet runs a bit late, we’ll have to delay, but that’s much less stressful than being forced to finish early.

I’m so looking forward to this meet!