Track volunteers—up for the Tuesday Night Time Trial on August 24th at 7 PM?

Nice job as always at tonight’s meet, @track-volunteers! But I completely forgot one thing with all the worrying about rain.

FLRC just got approval to host a Tuesday Night Time Trial meet at Ithaca High School next Tuesday at 7 PM in conjunction with the Ithaca and Lansing teams, along with other local schools. It’s different from our normal meets because it will be only middle and high school cross country runners, and we’ll just be doing multiple heats of the mile so their coaches can get a sense of fitness. And it will be under the lights on the snazzy new Ithaca High track!

Can we put the band back together one more time in 2021 while we’re all still fresh? Let me know here soon, so I don’t have to beg later in the week. :slight_smile:

I can help with that!


I have another event at 5:00 next Tuesday, the 24th. I’ll have to see what I can do to move it. I’ll get back to you by Friday, okay?


I’ll be there! And Kate and Paul may make an appearance as spectators.

i can be there (at least the family calendar is empty)

Thanks so much for signing up for the Tuesday Night Time Trial, @track-volunteers! With Adam (finishers), Tom (starter), Bill (clerk), and Bob (head timer), we’re well on our way to the core group. If Dave can run Meet Manager, we need only another couple of people for lap counting, backup timing, and general assistance. Since we’re only running the mile, we don’t need extra thumbs for lane timing. And with luck, these runners will be a little bit more experienced—and under the control of their coaches—than some of our normal kids. :slight_smile:

Volunteer spreadsheet at Summer Track Volunteers - Google Sheets

Sadly, @track-volunteers, we’re pulling the plug on the Tuesday Night Time Trial. Although we had the support of the IHS coach, when the athletic director realized that the point was to invite other schools, she ran it by her superiors and was told that wasn’t acceptable. We briefly contemplated having it be IHS-only, but then ICSD said all volunteers would have to be screened and wear masks (even outdoors) the entire time. At that point, the vibe of putting on a fun, exciting event under the lights on the IHS track disappeared, so we decided to cancel entirely.

Disappointing and frustrating, but I don’t blame ICSD for an excess of caution, particularly just before the school year starts. When we started planning this event about three weeks ago, things looked very different. If those discussions were taking place now, I wouldn’t have considered putting on what would have essentially been a multi-school invitational.

Thanks for your support of the idea—maybe we’ll get to do it next year.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out, @adamengst. I would certainly be in favor of trying to put on a meet like this next year.

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second Bill’s thought. understanding and agreeing with cancellation but disappointed

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Well, okay. Maybe next year.