Tracksmith article on lessons learned from running with Kenyans

It’s fascinating to read just how simple (if not easy!) the Kenyan approach to training seems to be.

The thing I find interesting is the emphasis on easy running and group runs. It’s amazing how much easier it is to have a group run with a variety of skill levels when your running 9+ min miles. I know personally I feel compelled to try and run with a faster group on group runs even though that may not be the best thing from an overall training prospective.

I wonder what percentage of their running is at that easy 9-minute pace. If they’re putting in 100-mile weeks, it would make sense that a fair amount would be, whereas those of us who are down in the 30- to 50-mile weeks might have trouble getting our quality work done in the time (and mileage) available.

Group runs do indeed make the training easier.