Trail Conditions

As the winter winds down and snow melt turns trails into a muddy, slushy mess, I thought I’d create this thread for local trail runners to post updates on conditions and closures.

Monkey Run: Two days ago (March 12) I ran the Monkey Run 8-mile loop. Except for a short 100m stretch, all the snow at ice were gone. There was slick mud in all the usual spots and the rest was dry. I ran at a pretty good clip in semi-agressive trail shoe (the Topo Terraventure) and had no issues with traction. I skipped the railroad bed section on the southeast side but that’s probably dry too.

Abbott Loop: I ran the 8-mile loop in Danby State Forest yesterday (3/13). No ice, snow, or slush anywhere to be seen. Some spots had standing water, the stream crossings were deeper, and the swamp (west of Michigan Hollow Road) was a mess like it always is. The loop is runnable, but be prepared for wet feet. Some sporadic muddy patches were a bit difficult.

Hammond Hill: I haven’t been here for awhile, but heard from @esambo via Strava on 3/12 that the Hammond trails are full of ice, slush, and mud. The higher elevation area at Hammond’s north end tends to melt slowly.

Trail Closures: The gorge trails at Buttermilk, Treman, and Cascadilla are all still closed, as well as Treman’s Red Pine Trail. The Treman Lake Trail at upper Buttermilk is blocked by the dam, but there’s no barrier on the end by Comfort Road.

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I ran on Hammond Hill last Sunday, reverse 1/2 Bugliosi and then the green trails on the north slope. Plenty of snow but not deep, melting (it was a warm day) and not slippery, I could run in normal trail shoes. I overtook a skiier who could barely move through the glop. Some areas under trees were snow-free and the needle fall also makes that good footing. Down on the N slope (truck/handicap access trail) the snow was much deeper. I suppose with one week of fairly mild weather much of the snow has melted by now. P.s. if you run on Y1 overlooking the big field looking west, don’t miss the nice stone bench dedicated to our long-time member Tob de Boer (father of Yvette) by the Nordic Ski Club.


Up on Hammond Hill yesterday, starting from the north Roy Park Preserve parking lot (by the boardwalk) on Irish Settlement Road, up the red trail to the Bugliosi parking lot, then Y1 to Y6 to B1, crossed Hammond Hill Rd. at the top of the first Bugliosi hill, then the B1 loop to the west, bushwacked on abandoned log trail to the active logging trail that comes out farther down Hammond Hill, back along that road past the Bugliosi start to the parking lot and back down to Park preserve. Almost no snow, only a few patches in very sheltered positions. Only a few wet/muddy spots, pretty surprising considering how much snow had been on the ground. Much less mud than a typical Thom B. Good conditions all around. The usual deep pools along Hammond Hill Rd. at the top were filled with icy water and a few “ice floes” (these last a long time) but the bypasses were easy and dry.

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Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to getting back up to Hammond.

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What’s the status of the South Hill Rec Way? Sometimes, that ice gets so packed that it’s sketchy far longer than one would expect.

I ran there today. It was totally dry west of where the path splits at the playground. I’d safely assume the eastern end is dry too.

Thom B loop was pristine this morning, no snow and only a little mud!
Has anyone been down to the Fingerlakes Trail between Gulf Rd and Connecticut Hill? Wondering how much mud wading and snow still remains there.

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FLT from Harford-Slaterville road up into Robinson Hollow State Forest, + plenty of bushwacking and snowmobile trails… soggy and muddy! If you like muddy wet feet this is for you.

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The same can be said for the FLT on private land between Comfort and Gunderman (but without the snowmobile trails).

Today FLT from Robinson Hollow Rd. (very steep climb to start!) and then bushwack on old logging roads to find the snowmobile trail, followed it down to the bottom through newly-acquired FLTT land to Pacific Rd. (Tioga County side of Caroline), back up, then snowmobile trail back north almost to the top (saddle), then some more logging roads to find the FLT and back to the start. Quite dry, good footing; only a few spots with water running in the trail or logging road. Barely any mud on my legs. Now that the vegetation is not yet out is a good time to go exploring and get off the beaten path (well, the FLT in this section is not so well-beaten…)

The Finger Lakes Land Trust trails accessible from Ellis Hollow Creek Road (and the relatively hidden trails bounded by Hickory Circle, Turkey Hill Road, and Mount Pleasant Road) are largely dry as well. There are a few wet, muddy spots where streams go through, but they’re easily avoided.

And I agree about this being the best time to explore off-trail, Truck. I was out hiking up there with a friend, and several times we just cut across the grain in the direction we knew we wanted to go. Once the brambles grow up and the leaves come, that won’t be nearly as easy.

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