Trail training and last year's Tortoise & Hare course

As I ‘prepare’ for the Finger Lakes 50s (25K), I have been hitting trails that fit into my location and schedule. This past weekend I ventured to the FLT in the Connecticut Hill area. I made a few wrong turns (turns out I don’t need to notify officials about the trail conditions), but somehow managed to make my way back to the trail. I really need to review what those trail markers mean :grimacing:.

Today I had an oil change appointment scheduled. Since I was only a mile from Buttermilk Falls State Park, I decided to run the FLRC Tortoise and Hare Challenge Course from last year. I knew the bridge was out last year, but today, I didn’t see any barriers across the trail or signs, so I headed down the hill. Turns out, the bridge is still out. I was so DONE climbing hills that instead of retracing my steps, I WILLINGLY ran through a few inches of water and walked across a log (with balance and grace :rofl:).

I am so grateful to those who have put these Challenges together. I doubt I would have tried trail running without the challenge courses. Thank you!

Also, I really enjoy reading all the posts on this forum! They are entertaining and/or informative!

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