Triennial 2023

Continuing the discussion from Triennial XV Sept 23, 2023:

Things are heating up, I have three full teams on the roster, and some are gunning for the win by filling up with geriatric/fast runners. Don’t miss out, come run on the FLT on 9/23. If anyone needs a spot, let me know, I have a few slots to fill. Karen

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For the uninitiated, Triennial is great fun, especially when there is abundant participation, which means that you’ll earn karma points by forming a relay team to cover some ground on the Finger Lakes Trail a month from now, because more teams means more collective happiness (and mud on your calves and leaves in your hair). If you’ve never visited Hoxie Gorge, which I checked out yesterday because it’s part of the E3 leg I’ll be responsible for on the Bottomfeeders team (motto: finish without fatality), it’s beautiful!
Below is a run-down of the legs; ALL the deets for this year’s “participation event” can be found at; while there, take a look at Triennial history, FAQs, and so forth. To figure out where these FLT sections are, see

  1. EAST 1: Pipeline Road to Hoxie Gorge (7.4 Miles) (includes at least 3.8 miles of road)
  2. EAST 2: Hoxie Gorge to Baker Schoolhouse Rd (11.3 Miles)
  3. EAST 3: Baker Schoolhouse Rd to Hoxie Gorge (11.3 Miles)
  4. EAST 4: Hoxie Gorge to Pipeline Road (7.4 Miles) (includes at least 3.8 miles of road)
  5. WEST 1: Pipeline Rd to Bleck Rd (11.0 Miles)
  6. WEST 2: Bleck Rd to Daisy Hollow Rd (5.9 Miles)
  7. WEST 3: Daisy Hollow Rd to Bleck Rd (5.9 Miles)
  8. WEST 4: Bleck Rd to Pipeline Road (11.0 Miles)
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I have 5 teams registered, if you have a full team, please submit your details to me at soon. Thank you!

@Cecelia_Madsen Triennial details for this year! It sounds like @Petorius and @aaronking32 are looking for some members.

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Excellent! Yes, @Cecelia_Madsen, we are up to a full minimum team with @Petorius, @Swizbob, @kcmccormick8, and myself, and can have up to 8. @Margaret_Frank was once on board, but unsure if she will be joining us this time. Let us know if you would like to join us and will be in touch as we start figuring out logistics / legs.


Cool, thank you! Apologies I am still learning how to use this platform. What are the time commitment requirements for this race? I have a flight out of Ithaca at 5pm on Sept 23. I’d be down to do an early leg if that’s an option and if that’s helpful!

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Weird – I didn’t see this reply come through. I don’t really know the full time commitment, but doing an early leg should be doable if interested! If you can send me a direct e-mail ( I am going to begin working on logistics.

One of my teammates is not able to run, and I am looking for a replacement for West 4 (11 miles Bleck to Pipeline). I have another team who needs three runners due to injuries on his team. Please contact me directly at if you are interested. Thank you.

I have a few runners looking for a team, does anyone need spaces filled?

Just a heads up. A handful of us ran the Hoxie Gorge leg between Baker and Steve Russel roads yesterday. When Jami and Paul went to run the route again starting from the North hours later, the M20TF section west of Underwood and North of the Stone Road parking access was re-routed as it sounds like the land owner pulled permission for that stretch. The FLTC website still shows it open until October 1st, but doesn’t appear to have been updated yet. Long story short, it looks like for that section it will have to be bypassed by either Underwood or Atkins road next week unless someone has secured special permission from the landowner.