Turkey Trot 2021 photos—which are your favorites?

Since I couldn’t be sure that my calf wouldn’t spasm during the Turkey Trot on Thursday, I opted to hang out at the finish line and take photos. Turns out I got several hundred shots, and while the picture quality isn’t always what I’d like (the iPhone 13 Pro doesn’t do that well with action shots, even in burst mode), there are some really fun ones in here.

If you have good photos from the Turkey Trot, feel free to upload them as well—the more, the merrier.

Here are links to some of my favorites. What others do you particularly like? (When viewing the full-size image in Yogile, click Share at the top and then copy the URL it gives you for pasting here with a preview thumbnail.)

Joel Cisne and race director Bruce Roebal: Beware the banana!

The family that wears hats together, stays together:

Brian Lee, hamming it up at the finish:

And here’s an animated GIF of his actual finish.


More great hats!

Limbo across the finish line!

I have finished!

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

Mckenzie Leonard: Happiest kid finish!

Who wouldn’t smile, wearing that hat?

Jeff Furman, running his 42nd (or 43rd?) Turkey Trot:


These are great photos, Adam. Thank you for taking them! I’m sorry your calf is giving you trouble.

Thanks! Your family may get the award for most simultaneous smiles. :slight_smile: