Twilight Volunteer needed for Cortland/Ithaca Exchange!

Hello all! @krishainessharp is looking for a volunteer to get the bibs from Leone Timing on Monday the 12th in Cortland. This is a simple task that just entails picking up the bibs on Monday in Cortland and then dropping them off to Kris’s house in downtown Ithaca on Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

If you regularly travel between Cortland and Ithaca, this could be the job for you! Or, maybe you’re looking for an excuse to plan a date night / meetup with friends at your favorite Cortland restaurant or hangout?!? Please contact @krishainessharp directly if you can help or reply below!

Tagging @KimJ and @julie19 in case either of you will already be making a trip from Cortland to Ithaca in that timeframe!

I could pick them up but would not be traveling into Ithaca until Tuesday evening for the FLRC workout. Would that be too late?

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@krishainessharp is that too late for you?

@lizhartman Not to speak for @krishainessharp, but we have scheduled bib pickup at the running store starting at 4 PM, whereas the workout starts at 6:30, so I’m not sure if that works.

@lizhartman @adamengst Sounds a bit late…I have an evening meeting after a full day and don’t see managing this. Let’s keep trying?

@tpdady Any chance that Ithaca would be on your route commuting between Hector and somewhere else on Monday?