Updated FLRC U19 and Women's Rosters for Sunday's TC3 race

We’ve had a few corrections and other changes, so I wanted to share the rosters again, below. (Folks running on the High Noon team, refer to whatever Adam sent for your roster.)

Special notes

  • Liz Fabis will be racing! Liz used to be a regular on the team, and she is visiting Ithaca this weekend.
  • We have a great group of people coming, and so many that we need B teams! B teams score like A teams, and their places will especially help with the overall season team cup competition.
  • If you don’t have an FLRC jersey for the race, look for one at the team tent—they will be in a white/clear plastic box. They are first-come first-serve, and we may not have enough in all sizes, so bring a blue shirt as a back up. It is OK to layer; you may want to wear a tight shirt under your jersey—predicted temps are in the 40s.
  • Our post-race lunch spot has changed to the Crossroads Bar and Grille; I’ll send a separate message about that shortly.
  • If you can’t come for some last-minute reason, text me 607-275-8383 so I can make last-minute roster changes.


Daily, Rahmon
Hulsey, Gretchen
Hulsey, Kate
Lambert, Benjamin
Love, Banyan

Open A

Aaberg, Inger
Dooley, Katharine
Doruska, Molly
Madsen, Cecilia
Maxtutis, Emma
Rich, Stephanie

Open B

Fabis, Elizabeth
Gilmer, Laurel
Ridenour, Sarah
Skilton, Amalia
Towle, Hope
Walsky, Tamara


Burnett, Tanya
Daily, Jessica
Lambert, Rebecca
Woods, Michelle


Barclay, Julie
Engst, Tonya
Loehr, Caitlin
Osovski, Brenda

Super Veterans A

De Boer, Yvette
Gregorich, Sandra
Haines-Sharp, Gillian
Helmerick, Laura
Tily, Lorrie

Super Veterans B

Fitzsimmons, Marie
Herneisey, Joanne
Shakespeare, Anne

Ultra Veterans

Bliss, Deborah
Lorr, Nancy
Sproul, Ruth