Video about enjoying the simplicity of running

Passing along a well done video I saw on YouTube yesterday about enjoying the simplicity of just getting out there and enjoying running:


@aaron.proujansky1 this is spot on. How easily we tend to forget this, whether we’re frequenting the track, the roads, or the trails. Very few of us are immune to this. So I find it so refreshing to view the same workouts through the lenses of our canine friends, who couldn’t care less about what their Garmins are registering.

He mentions Instagram…I believe social media exacerbates our need to be competitive, to be epic, to be fast…I think we could all do with a little less of these self-imposed pressures, which come in addition to our desires to simply improve. Side note: I quit Instagram this year and stopped engaging on Strava last year. It was just too much.

Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate this refreshing perspective.


I might be just a little biased coming from the vet world and having a pretty great four-legged running friend, but this really hits home! Thanks for sharing (:

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I’ve been running with my dog on and off for about 6-7 months now. She’s not nearly as well behaved as that person’s dog and, for the safety of other runners, she won’t be running any races anytime soon. She is a blast to run with though, and running with her is more fun than merely walking her around the neighborhood.

Thanks for sharing.

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