Video of Killian Jornet crossing "an amazing flat balcony"

In case you had any doubt that being the best mountain runner in the world requires some serious levels of insanity, watch this short but brilliantly scenic video (click it to load at Instagram):

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More power to him. Love his definition of “flat”

He forgot to add “wide” I guess :wink:

And this is apparently how Killian Jornet “rests.” Don’t look down.

Killian is one of my favorites! Of a lot of the pros, he genuinely comes across as someone who loves adventures, switching things up as opposed to just grinding things out. If get a chance, I recommend “Unbreakable” about the Western States 100 which is available on YouTube. Around 47 minutes you see Killian get restless and just take off on the downhills and it is an absolute joy to see him bound away.