Visiting the Area — long run in Geneva?

Hi! I am visiting in the Finger Lakes area in Geneva next week. I am training for my first marathon, so even though I am on vacation, I will need to do my long run. I am looking to run 18 miles. Is there a trail or system that is at least 9-10 miles in the Geneva area? I looked at a few maps and sites, but haven’t seen anything that I think is long enough.
Thank you!

There is a connection between the Canal Trail and Seneca Lake State Park which has a walkway that ends in the downtown area of Geneva. Take the tunnel under the road to get to and from the end of the waterfront path. The Canal Trail is 4.5 miles long one way. My husband does this and adds on a circle around the marina for a 17-mile run. The waterfront trail is paved and the road connecting it to the Canal Trail is gravel. It leads to the railroad tracks and then goes under 96 and heads towards Seneca Falls. The Canal Trail is pea gravel.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much, this definitely helps! I really appreciate it!