Volunteer assignments for FLRC's January 12th track meet

Thanks so much to everyone for volunteering! I’m looking forward to the meet and having a great time hanging out with everyone. If you’re not on this list but can help out, just reply to this post.

Here’s what I’m hoping everyone can do. Let me know if the timing doesn’t work for you and I can swap someone.

Setup (arrive at Barton at 7:30 AM)

  • Me, Bill Watson, Aaron Projansky) : Equipment unloading, tables and chairs, and moving of any mats or basketball hoops

  • Me: Computer, printer, big clock, and Time Machine setup

  • Me: Set up and test PA system

  • Bill, Aaron: Post heat time signs and forms, hang the banner, distribute cones on the inside of lane 3 straightaway.

  • Anyone else who wants to help, feel free to come early!

Registration (arrive at 7:55 AM before runners start coming at 8:00 AM)

  • Jesse Koennecke and Tonya Engst : Hand out bib numbers to pre-registrants, take money, and coordinate day-of-race people

  • Jullien Flyn: Enter day-of registrants into Meet Manager

  • Tom Rishel: Check the starting pistols

  • Me: Deal with teams and the usual unexpected requests

  • Everyone else: Continue to make sure everything is set up

Finish Line Crew (arrive at 8:30 AM before the first race at 9:00 AM)

  • Finish Line
    • Tom Rishel: Starter for each race and manager of the finish line cones

    • Adam Pacheck: Record finisher bibs at the end of non-sprint races (with help from Cark or Christine?)

    • **Aaron Proujansky: Lap counter and bell ringer for longer races

  • Heat Management
    • Bill Watson: Head clerk of course with master seeding sheet
    • Jesse Koennecke: Assistant clerk and runner wrangler (line up race starts)
  • Timing
    • Ved Gund: Head timer on the Time Machine, starting and finishing every race after the first one, which I’ll do
    • Aaron Proujansky: Backup timing with a Seiko, staple finisher sheets and deliver to results team
    • Thumbs for lane-timed races: Ved, Tonya, Aaron, Adam, Carl, innocent bystanders
  • Results & Admin
    • Dave Kania: Seeding and results, with help from Tonya Engst
    • Tonya Engst: Rolling bib pickup through the meet, and seed heats for relays with cards
  • Me: Announcements and general management

(Some of these assignments are just suggestions; we can swap on the day if you’d rather do something different.)

Does that sound good? Any questions or concerns?

In terms of food for volunteers, I’ll get some bananas and apples and fig newton-like bars, along with six cinnamon raisin bagels and cream cheese. Anything other easy-to-eat food you’d like?

See you Sunday!