Volunteering at FLRC's August 16th track meet at Lansing

Good day, @track-volunteers! Our third and final track meet of the summer is coming up next Tuesday, so it’s time to figure out volunteer assignments. Sadly, Bill Watson has moved, so we need someone to take over as head clerk, which involves calling runners to their heats and lining them up. You will get a snazzy belt-mounted amplifier and headset mic, plus an official-looking clipboard. Let me know if you’re game for this, or I’ll recruit on the spot. :slight_smile:

Since this is our final meet of the year, the plan is to forgo subs in favor of buying all the volunteers ice cream at Scoops, just up the road. We’ll pack up and then relocate, and I’ll bring cash to cover all the ice cream. This assumes we finish in time, but that’s incentive to keep the meet moving along quickly. I’ve traded the 800m for the 200m due to a youth club that might come and added a 4x100m for them, but those should both be quick.

If you can help out at this meet, just reply here, and let me know if you’d like a specific job. You can see what they are and who’s already signed up in our Volunteer Sheet , which also lists arrival times between 4:30 and 5:30 PM. (Feel free to add yourself there too, but I may juggle people around a little to match specific skills or provide training.)

Some specific notes/requests from our most experienced folks:

  • Tom Rishel has already said that he can be our starter again.
  • Tonya Engst has agreed to hand out bibs and be a general race admin.
  • Carl Franck or Bob Talda or Josh Brockner, can you be head timer, run the Time Machine, and manage thumbs?
  • Jesse Koenecke can you run Meet Manager if Dave Kania is voluntold to help out at Cornell move-in?
  • Adam Pacheck, are you around for recording finishers?
  • Laurel Gilmer, Katie Gannon, Diana Hackett, Michelle Woods, we could use your help this month for sure!

Looking forward to this meet! Any questions?

I’ll be a thumb and backup Sekio (if needed). Be there around 5pm.

happy to be head timer - or “just” a thumb

or seeing as Carl has signed up as head timer, i could be the “new Bill” and serve as head clerk

That would be great, @bobtalda—let’s slot you in there for now.

Happy to help with timing, etc. Wanted to see if someone is heading there from downtown/Belle Sherman that I could grab a ride with.



I plan to be there and can help with anything. I should be able to help with setup if needed too.

I’ll be heading there from the Upson Hall area, so I can give you a ride.

I plan to be there too and can help with timing or whatever is needed. I can probably get there at 5:00 if you’d like more help with setup-- otherwise, I would plan on 5:30.

Thanks! What time would you like to travel there?

@adamengst Go ahead and sign me up for whatever you need.

@aaron.proujansky1 I would like to get there by 5:30 if possible. Would that work for you?

Thanks, folks! A few thoughts:

  • @jtk1 would it work for you to come over with @tonya to be there around 4:30? We could use another pair of hands for setup, and I can show you more of the computer stuff.

  • @apacheck and @aaron.proujansky1, 5:30 is fine if Jesse or someone else can come early.

  • @MWoods, 5:30 is fine too!

I think we have the core tasks covered, but anyone else who’s up for helping to time the lane races and wants to join us for ice cream afterward, please let me know.

I have a meeting until 4:00 on Tuesday. I can be out of the library soon after and meet Tonya if that works.


@jtk1 - I can pick you up at 4:10 near the library. How about the small parking lot by Day Hall that is at the west end of Tower Road? Also, if you need to contact me last-minute, text me at 607-275-8383

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Also if anyone else in the Cornell area wants a ride over with me (leaving shortly after 4pm) instead of later with Adam Pacheck, let me know.

Just FYI, @track-volunteers, it might be a little damp tonight. Which is good for plants, though it might make things a little trickier for us. Perhaps bring a raincoat or hat, just in case.

I’m also bringing some snacks for those who might get hungry or want something other than ice cream after the meet.