Volunteering at FLRC's August 17th track meet

Good day, @track-volunteers! Our second meet of the summer is coming up on August 17th. Here’s the spreadsheet I’ll be filling in as people respond with their availability. Note that it’s fine to run a race at the meet as well as volunteering—my goal is always to have someone who can fill so everyone who wants to run can.

Some specifics notes/requests:

  • Becca Lovenheim, I’m hoping you can get the PA system set up for us.
  • Tom Rishel has already said that he can be our starter again.
  • Tonya Engst has agreed to hand out bibs and be a general race admin.
  • Josh Brockner, can you take a turn as head timer, run the Time Machine, and manage thumbs?
  • Dave Kania, can you run Meet Manager and be the results clerk?
  • Bill Watson, assuming you’ve gotten any sleep in the last month, are you available to be Head Clerk?
  • Laurel Gilmer, with Adam Pacheck away on a trip, are you game for recording finishers?
  • Bob Talda, Jesse Koenecke, Truck Rossiter, Sandy Gregorich, Carl Franck—if you can make it, your experience and ability to back up many of the above jobs is always welcome!

Everyone else, just reply here if you’re free and would like to help out. Although many track volunteer jobs are somewhat specialized, the best way to learn is by assisting someone who has done it before.

Hi @adamengst, yes I’m planning on volunteering for the meet, and yes I’d be happy to be head clerk, if you like. Looking forward to it!

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Just a ping, @track-volunteers — are you available to help at the meet on Tuesday? Just reply here if so and I’ll add you to the spreadsheet.


I am working until 630, it would be 7 when I could get there. Would that be helpful at all? Or too late? If it would help, let me know and I will head to Lansing track as soon as I get off the Challenge course.

I’ll be there to take photos again and might bring my husband along to be an extra thumb for timing!

Yeah, that is probably too late given the start time of 6 PM and the likely size of the meet. No worries!

Perfect! Extra thumbs are always welcome, and the photos were popular last time.

Adam: usual work timing issue, probably earliest I can arrive is 5 pm. Willing to do whatever - including head timer. Won’t have Caramel this time, so should be able to help take down

I am available Tuesday…


Excellent! With @bobtalda and @Rishel and @billwatson, we’re close to filling all the key spots. @jtk1 is checking his schedule, and hopefully @Dave_K will be able to put his newfound knowledge of Meet Manager to use.

Yes, I can record finishers and do whatever else is needed, though I won’t be able to arrive until 5:30.

I’ll be there.

And with @lgilmer (5:30 is fine!) and @JoshB confirming, we’re really close to the necessary core set of @track-volunteers.

I can run the laptop. I may not get out of work until 5:00 but I’ll be there before the first heat.

Excellent! Bring raincoats, everyone, since the forecast looks wet. With our current system, we really don’t want to separate the computer and the Time Machine, so we’ll probably be putting up more tent walls. I have lots of plastic bags for electronic gear. And if it’s really pouring, it will probably be thundering too and we’ll cancel.