Volunteering at FLRC's February 19th track meet at Barton Hall

Hey @track-volunteers! Thanks to everyone who has signed up in Helper Helper so far, but we could use a few more people for next Sunday’s track meet.

In particular, Patrick and Laurel, can you reprise your roles as Clerks of Course? We also need a few more timers and some folks to help with the jumps, which should be particularly low-key and fun with the kids.

You can find the signup in your Helper Helper app or on the Web here:

Much appreciated!

Great job at the meet on Sunday, @track-volunteers! I’ve received numerous compliments from runners and coaches on our overall meet and specifically on the excellent job by our volunteers.

Here are my notes on the meet, and I’m very interested in any additional feedback you may have. Was there anything that didn’t go as well as you would have liked, or that you think we could do better?

  • With Helper Helper, I’m getting feedback that it’s worthwhile creating micro-teams, with one person who’s more experienced and others who are happy to take direction and learn the ropes. I’ll be tweaking jobs and descriptions next month for that. (Speaking of which, feel free to sign up now to claim your job early. :slight_smile: )

  • Also with Helper Helper, I’ve added an “I’ll Do Anything” opportunity for people who don’t know what each job really entails and are happy to be placed. Then I can move those people around as need be. We already do this informally, so it’s just a matter of reflecting that in Helper Helper.

  • Our sad big clock will have its battery replaced before the next meet, so it should be back to automatic starting from the Time Machine plus not needing to be plugged in.

  • I’ll be working on a cheat sheet for the Time Machine to make it easier to remember its arcane key combinations. I mean, Start Time-Clear, Set Time, Enter, Enter, Enter, then Mem-Clear, Mem, Enter, Mem, Enter is pretty obvious but… :slight_smile:

  • For next month, we can switch back and forth between the electronic starting pistol and the standard one, which is better for the 200m and at least the fast heats of the 60m where people can be quite a distance from the sound.

  • I figured out how to get Meet Manager to sort the seed sheets for the high jump and long jump, so it won’t be random next month. I don’t know if we’ll absolutely be able to have the high jump since there’s a fashion show the day before the next meet and it may not be possible to move the high jump mats out. But long jump should be a possibility.

  • Tonya says that the registration desk needs a garbage can nearby—people kept coming by wanting to throw stuff out. During setup, let’s remember to find one and bring it over near us.

Anything else?