Volunteering at FLRC's January 15th meet at Barton Hall

Good day, @track-volunteers! We’re finally going to be able to get back into Barton Hall for our indoor track meets this year, and our first one is coming up in less than 2 weeks on January 15th. (The other dates are Feb 19 and Mar 12.) The jobs are pretty much the same as they are at the outdoor meets, and most of you have quite a bit of experience so… I need your help testing a new volunteer management system for FLRC, called Helper Helper.

I’ve added you all to Helper Helper, and I’ll be inviting you to log in with a temporary password that it will ask you to change to something permanent and store in your password management solution. The email will also contain links for Helper Helper’s iPhone and Android apps, so you can sign up for “opportunities” easily in the app. There’s also a Web app if you don’t have a smartphone.

Plus, I can sign people up myself so if this seems like a bit much but you’re happy to volunteer, just let me know and I’ll add you manually. That said, it looks really easy once you’re logged in to the app.

Some specific notes/requests from our most experienced folks:

  • Tom Rishel, can you be our starter again?
  • Tonya Engst has agreed to run registration again, though she can use help at larger meets.
  • Carl Franck or Bob Talda or Josh Brockner, can one of you be head timer, run the Time Machine, and manage thumbs?
  • Jesse Koenecke or Dave Kania, can you run Meet Manager?

Other key jobs that we’ll need (and which you can sign up for in Helper Helper) include Clerk of Course and Bib Recorder, now that Bill Watson and Adam Pacheck have both moved to Boston. And of course, we’ll need seven people and their thumbs to time the 60m.

I am available Jan 15th. “Put me in, Coach!”
The other two dates look good, too.


Great to hear that we are back in Barton. Helper Helper worked fine for me and I signed up for set-up and Results clerk (running Meet Manager). I’m happy to turn over the Meet Manager if Dave or others want it, or to have some back up to make sure I get it right.


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sadly already gave prior commitment from 8-10:30 that morning. putting next meets in calendar to prevent future conflicts

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Thanks, Tom and Jesse and Carl—we’re putting the band back together… Bob, next month!

I’m out of town through the 18th so I can’t volunteer at this meet, but I would love to help at Hartshorne. When/where will those signups be?

Thanks, @amalia! I’ll be working on those with @CharlieF very soon—he has a bunch of people volunteer regularly, so I’m not sure what he needs yet.

I’ll be setting up Hartshorne in Helper Helper shortly too, since that’s our second test race.

@amalia , thanks for raising a hand for Hartshorne! We can definitely use you so stay tuned.

@adamengst , I was just about to do a general posting to FLRC and HNAC to recruit volunteers for Hartshorne. Should I hold? I’ll need to move pretty soon on this though.

Hi all! I would love to help out at the meet. Just point me in the right direction and I am happy to support however works @adamengst

Thanks, @Katie_Gannon, and I see that you’ve signed up for Helper Helper successfully.

@track-volunteers, I now have a URL you can click to see and sign up for the open jobs.

Adam, I’m sorry, my weekend is looking like I’ll be too busy to help out Sunday morning. I’m hoping I can make it over around 11 and watch the faster milers, but that may be too late. If something comes up and Jesse needs help, let me know and I’ll try to adjust my day.

No worries, that’s why we have a crew.

Thanks to @Coachrb for signing up to be the bib recorder and @DamianClemons for setup help!

Hey @track-volunteers, I could use a few more timers and a couple of people to help with the long jump and high jump, which the SOAR Running Club is coordinating for us.

@aeronjauquet, can you help with timing? It just involves pressing a button when a runner in your lane (for a lane-timed race like the 60m or the 200m) finishes.

For anyone who can help, do me a favor and try signing up in the Helper Helper tool I’m testing. Or just reply and I can add you manually.


Outside of the events I’m running, I’m free to help wherever else I might be useful. I’m in the 200m and mile.

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Hey Adam,
If you need me more to work the HJ/
LJ I stead just let me know.

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Thanks, Rich, but a bib recorder is more important than an extra LJ/HJ person, I believe. We can trade around as needed at the meet if necessary.

I wish I could help but I can’t make Sunday mornings work. I’d be able to get there by 12:00 to help, but would it be just about over already by then?

No worries, @MWoods, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And yes, by noon we should be at least winding down unless we get a ton of scholastic runners coming and causing us to need tons of heats.

The only “feature” I see that seems to be missing with the Helper app is I can’t see retroactively what I have or have been signed up for.

Huh! Is this in the actual iOS or Android app? If you’re looking at the Web app in anonymous mode (not logged in), that would be the case, but it definitely shows me what I’ve signed up for when I’m in a logged-in app.