Volunteering at FLRC's July 20th track meet

Good day, @track-volunteers! Our first meet since February 2020 is coming up in two weeks, and it’s time to exercise our thumbs, make sure the starting gun still fires, and see if we can remember how to seed races.

I’m trying something new to track volunteer assignments this year, with a shared spreadsheet that everyone can see as I fill it in. It also summarizes tasks and includes arrival times (since setup happens before some people can get off work). Note that it’s fine to run a race at the meet as well as volunteering—my goal is always to have someone who can fill so everyone who wants to run can.

Some specifics notes/requests:

  • Becca Lovenheim, I’m hoping you can get the PA system set up for us.
  • Tom Rishel has already said that he can be our starter again.
  • Tonya Engst has agreed to hand out bibs and be a general race admin.
  • Josh Brockner, can you be head timer, run the Time Machine, and manage thumbs?
  • Ved Gund, are you up for joining us to run Meet Manager and be the results clerk? Perhaps with help from Jullien, if she’s still around and has time to hang out.
  • Bill Watson, I know we’re around baby arrival time—are you available to be Head Clerk?
  • Adam Pacheck, are you game for recording finishers apart from your 1-mile race?
  • Bob Talda, Jesse Koenecke, Truck Rossiter, Sandy Gregorich, Carl Franck—if you can make it, your experience and ability to back up many of the above jobs is always welcome!

Everyone else, just reply here if you’re free and would like to help out. Although many track volunteer jobs are somewhat specialized, the best way to learn is by assisting someone who has done it before.

@adamengst, yes I’m available to be Head Clerk! Looking forward to it! I’ll have my cell phone with me, and it’s possible that I could have to leave on short notice. But right now, I’m assuming that the baby won’t come until closer to the end of the month.

Confirmed: I’ll be at the track and can get PA system going!

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@adamengst , Yes, I can record finishers

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That’s why we have multiple people assisting! It would be exciting if you had to leave… :slight_smile: I’ll share my story of leaving early when Tristan was born sometime…

Lovely, thank you! Having you or Christine open up for us is key.

@adamengst I updated the spreadsheet, but I can’t guarantee attendance this far out. It is on the calendar (for what that is worth). And I’m happy to help with whatever: setup, timing, results, etc

Thanks, Bob! I’ll manage the spreadsheet, since I need to know for sure who will be in which position. Knowing you’re a maybe is a help.

@adamengst I am happy to help in whatever way is most needed. I don’t have timing experience but would be interested in learning!

That’s great, @lgilmer—for starters, you can help with lane-timed races, where we need a person for each lane. That’s a good introduction to seeing what’s involved. I’ve added you to the spreadsheet.

Hi Adam, yes - I am hoping to be at the track meet to help out with my usual duties! (as long as everything with finishing up here and moving out stays on track)

Excellent! That will provide an opportunity for @vedgund or @jtk1 to work with you to learn how Meet Manager works.

@track-volunteers, we’re closing in on Tuesday’s track meet and all the pieces are falling into place. First off, can anyone here (like Jesse or Adam) give Carl Franck a ride to the meet? He’s up in Cayuga Heights, so on the way from downtown.

Check the spreadsheet for details about who’s doing what:

If you can help with setup (please!), see you at the Lansing track at 76 Brickyard Road (don’t go to the actual high school) at 4:30 PM. If you can’t get away until later, it’s fine to come at 5:00 or 5:30, depending on your job as shown in the spreadsheet.

The meet is looking pretty small right now, but we could still get a group from Corning or Auburn that would fill it up a good bit.

Any questions, just ask here!

Hi Trackstar Volunteers, Any chance of hitching a ride to get to the trackmeet venue for our 4:30PM setup. Easiest for me is to meet at Cornell’s main campus, or in NE Ithaca where I live. Thanks for reading!, Good luck to our competitors, Carl

Phew! I just set up the meet in Meet Manager, imported the current entries, and simulated the entire meet (everyone ran really fast :slight_smile: ). The good news is that everything worked, including the slightly dodgy connection to the Time Machine for results. And, amazingly, the printer even managed to print in black (not sure about color, but we don’t care) after cleaning itself several times. (I have extra black and color cartridges if necessary.)

So, @jullfly and @bobtalda, we should be all set since I’ll have current information to refresh your memories on how to run Meet Manager and the Time Machine—mine certainly needed some refreshing.

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My day has gone from one thing to another and I am pretty sure I will not make it to the track meet at all. Darn! Good news is that I may have recruited a new open guy to xc.

Sorry to hear it, Sandy, but hey, another XC runner is always a good thing.

I have a meeting at work that ends at 4:30. I’m hoping I can duck out or it will end early, and I will come over as soon as I can.

Excellent! Planning on being there as close to 4:30 as job permits

Thanks Folks, I’ll all set for getting to the meet. Looking forward to seeing you there!, Carl

@Dave_K, great that you can make it since @jtk1 had a conflict arise, so I’m hoping you can shadow @jullfly in Meet Manager.