Volunteering at FLRC's June 27th track meet at Ithaca High School

Good day, @track-volunteers! The summer track season is on the horizon, with our first of two meets coming on June 27 at Ithaca High School. This will be a traditional evening meet, albeit with some jumps and throws managed by our friends from SOAR and the Groton Project.

I’ve set up Helper Helper for the meet, and it would be great if those of you with experience could start signing up for your key positions, such as Head Timer, Results Clerk, Heat Director, and so on. Thanks!

Our second meet will be Trackapalooza on Saturday, July 22 in the morning—pencil it in on your calendars! I’m still working on registration and jobs for that one since we’ll have fully automatic timing and that will change some of what we do.

Hey @track-volunteers, just a reminder that we need to get our ducks in a row for the June 27 track meet at Ithaca High School (NOT Lansing!). Here’s the Helper Helper link:

Jesse, would you be up for being Results Clerk? Dave Kania is getting back into town the day before but can’t necessarily get out of work early enough to be there for registration. And Laurel is out of town.

Heather, would you be up for being Heat Director? Patrick is out of town with Laurel, and Rich Bernstein has already signed up to help whoever is Heat Director.

Katie, I know you do so love being Backup Timer. :slight_smile:

Rebecca, up for helping Tonya with registration again?

Aya, any IHS runners up for helping out again? Moss did a great job as bib recorder last time, I remember.

I have signed up as heat director!


I just signed up as Results Clerk. Not sure how much before 5:00 I can make it, but happy to help set up if I can.


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Yes, I’m signed up as Registration Desk Assistant!

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fwiw I took the other results clerk slot … but willing to serve as needed

Thanks, all! We have all the key slots filled now, but there’s plenty of room for easy timing and field event assistant jobs as well.

I had to delete myself from helping out as a Timer because I’ll have Simon with me, and I think I’d be too distracted trying to keep an eye on him at the same time. Sorry about that.

Adam can correct me but AFAIK i can assist with timing as as well as results (ie, for non-leads, no overlap in task timing)

And we can recruit spectators as necessary for some of the jobs, but we’re still two weeks out so I’m confident it will all work out.

I signed up as a lane timer but I am also going to run the 1600, any conflict there?

Nope, that should be fine!

Fair warning. I tested positive for COVID on Monday, and while it has not been a severe case, I am sticking to CDC guidelines and isolating until Sunday - and masking until the following Thursday (29 June) unless I get 2 consecutive negative tests in the first 48 hours of testing (not likely, I’m afraid)

I’m pretty much been asymptomatic so no coughing, sneezing, etc, and don’t expect that to change, so am quite comfortable that masking in the outdoor setting will be sufficient protection for all. Let me know if you have concerns otherwise


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Thanks, Bob, and sorry to hear you came down with it. A good reminder for the rest of us that it didn’t just go away, I suppose.

I’m generally comfortable with you masking given that it’s outdoors and you’ll be near the end of the time period anyway, but let’s play it by ear. Perhaps there’s a job that keeps you moving around rather than sitting next to another person too, such as working with throws.

sounds fair, Adsm - unless the unexpected happens and my first 2 tests come back negative. Then all is back to normal … so I’ll update you as I test (starting Sunday morning)

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all: dealing with a bad situation at work - overloaded server causing issues that have risen to director level. not to blame but on the hot seat to fix - and that fix is being dragged out by very slow response times. so I’m backing out of tonight’s commitment … most likely still going to be at my keyboard