Volunteering at FLRC's June 28th track meet at Ithaca High School

Good day, @track-volunteers! After another winter off, it’s time to bust some rust and put on our first outdoor track meet of 2022. We’ll loosen up our thumbs, make sure the starting pistol still fires, and see if we can remember how the Time Machine works.

If you can help out at this meet, just reply here, and let me know if you’d like a specific job. You can see what they are and who’s already signed up in our Volunteer Sheet, which also lists arrival times between 4:30 and 5:30 PM. (Feel free to add yourself there too, but I may juggle people around a little to match specific skills or provide training.)

Some specific notes/requests from our most experienced folks:

  • Tom Rishel has already said that he can be our starter again.
  • Tonya Engst has agreed to hand out bibs and be a general race admin.
  • Josh Brockner, can you be head timer, run the Time Machine, and manage thumbs?
  • Dave Kania, are you up for joining us to run Meet Manager and be the results clerk?
  • Bill Watson, are you available to be Head Clerk?
  • Adam Pacheck, are you game for recording finishers?
  • Bob Talda, Jesse Koenecke, Laurel Gilmer, Truck Rossiter, Sandy Gregorich, Carl Franck—if you can make it, your timing/wrangling experience and ability to back up many of the above jobs is always welcome!

One final thing—we’re planning to get subs at Shortstop Deli for volunteers to share after the meet. When you reply, let me know if there’s a type of sub you won’t eat (meat, for instance) or if there’s something you’d particularly like (turkey on whole wheat). We’ll get a couple of big subs cut into pieces so there should be plenty of variety.

Looking forward to this meet! Any questions?

I’m in and happy to be Head Clerk. (And Kate has a friend lined up to babysit Paul on the nights of the track meets so that she can come and run the mile!–or actually, 1600m.)

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Hi Adam, Tonya and Crew, Looking forward to doing anything (I just wrote myself in for a couple of items, please add as you see fit)! It’s sweet to be back to track meeting!!, Sincerely, Carl

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Adam: updated the spreadsheet with arrival time (4:30) and role - Head Timer… reassign as necessary.

and no sub preferences - pretty much eat any sub Shortstop makes

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Are any of the volunteering duties such that I could participate in one of the events without compromising the task?

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Absolutely. For the lane-timed races (100m and 400m) we need up to 8 timers, but for the 800m and 1600m, we need only the head timer and a backup, so it’s easy to run one of those two races in particular. And in general, we always make it work so you can run and help.

@adamengst Feel free to sign me up for whatever makes the most sense to you.

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I’m up for recording finishers and can probably be there early to help set up if needed.

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Hi Adam,

Wow. I am here most of the summer and you hit two dates I am gone.

I can come Aug. 16th probably arriving 530pm after work. July meet out of town. June meet probably en route from backpacking in Michigan. It would be a surprise if I got back in time for the meet. If I do, I will surprise you with some help.

As always I will go where you need me. And I have kid wrangling skills.


“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” William Shakespeare

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Hi Adam and Bob, If it’s possible and without interfering with meet operations, I would really love to learn more about running the time machine, I am really curious about how it’s operated and your system for getting results into your archival reporting system. which appears to be integrated with your registration system. In any case, I’m delighted to do whatever Adam wishes for the Meet Management phase. Sincerely, Carl

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Hey Carl, that shouldn’t be a problem—you can run Thumb #2 and basically shadow Bob as head timer, assuming we have enough folks for other jobs (which I think we will).

Thanks Adam!!

With @Katie_Gannon and @amalia joining the crew, we’re doing pretty well for a set of @track-volunteers, particularly if @Dave_K can be our results clerk and run HyTek Meet Manager. A few more thumbs would be welcome, though we should be able to dragoon a couple of innocent bystanders if we need a couple more lane timers.

Hey @track-volunteers! It’s looking like we’ll have good weather for Tuesday’s meet, so I’m looking forward to seeing you in Lansing. You can check the Volunteer Tool to see what time to arrive.

And @Dave_K, I have a mouse packed for you—just have to remember the USB-C adapter. :slight_smile:

NOT Lansing…IHS. (But most everyone knows that).


Yes, Lansing! We had to switch back to to IHS maintenance issues.

Hi Adam,

I get off work at 5 so I will be a few minutes late but I will zip over and get there as close to 5:30 as I can. Looking forward to it!


No worries, Katie!

And sorry for failing to mention here that I had to move the meet from IHS due to stadium maintenance. @track-volunteers — we are in Lansing at 76 Brickyard Road again this meet (and hopefully the remaining two meets this summer, since IHS is making me feel like Charlie Brown and the football).