Volunteering at the January 21 track meet

Hey @track-volunteers,

Most of the jobs are filled for Sunday’s track meet, but a few are still open, and I have two specific questions:

  • Jesse, are you available to wrangle HyTek Meet Manager with Laurel?
  • Heather, are you available to work with Rich as clerk-of-course?

If not, it would be great if someone else wanted to step up to help with those two-person jobs. (Two people aren’t absolutely necessary, but it’s easier and more fun with two, and that way more people know how to do the job.)

Otherwise, we just need a couple of timers and another jump assistant, and it would be great if someone could learn more about how to run the jumps in case the SOAR guys can’t do it some month.

Sign up here: https://app.helperhelper.com/inst/1131/opportunity/388347


PS: I have snacks for volunteers!

Signed up before I even got to the bribe at the bottom.

I signed up for Results Clerk to wrangle HyTek Meet Manager with Laurel.

The band’s back together now! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

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Hi Adam!

I was wondering what time volunteers are needed for the event. I am more than happy to come and help in any way you need.

Great, @MYaneva! We could use some more timers for the lane-timed races (basically, you press a button when a runner in your assigned lane finishes). Just go ahead and sign up in our Helper Helper volunteer management tool here.


@track-volunteers We found a small purple sweater and a grey headband in the pile of volunteer clothes while cleaning up. Let me know if you left one or the other and we’ll figure out how to get it to you.

Thanks for all your help at the meet, and I look forward to doing it again on February 18—volunteer registration is now open in Helper Helper for anyone wanting to lock down their job early. :slight_smile:

@adamengst Headband is mine. I can grab it next time I am down. There is certainly no rush. Thanks for picking it up.

Sounds fine—just ping me before you come down next and I’ll make sure to bring it.

Looks like we will be at the Chill tomorrow.

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@adamengst I think that’s my purple sweater. If no one else thinks it’s theirs I’ll check at the next meet.

You were one of my top guesses; I’ll pack for next month.