Volunteering at Trackapalooza on Saturday morning, July 22 at Ithaca Ithaca High School

Good day, @track-volunteers!

Trackapalooza is going to be a little different from our normal track meets in terms of volunteer needs since we’re not doing timing or results, but we’ll have more work in setting up heats because all the runners will need adhesive hip numbers that match their lanes (along with normal bib numbers). Plus, there’s more setup because of needing a bunch of tents and tables around the Ithaca High Track. (Fingers crossed on the weather, but we’ll want tents for sun or rain.)

I’m still figuring out exactly what all the jobs will be, so for those who have already signed up (thank you!), you may see some Helper Helper notifications as I move things around to match.

For the rest of you, I still need lots of help, and if you’re at all unsure about what you want to do, just sign up for I’ll Do Anything and I’ll find a spot for you. In particular, the jumps need some assistants to measure and record distances.

Thanks for signing up soon!


@adamengst ugh. can’t win this summer. appears i am going to be in NY City that morning Won’t know for certain until Wednesday of next week. but playing it safe and not signing up … yet …

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