Volunteers needed for Tortoise & Hare 10K+

Hello Folks,

This year’s Tortoise & Hare 10K+ is happening on Saturday, June 18th. I would love for everyone to sign up and run the course but the Club is in need of help in the form of volunteers.

I could use
2 people to help with set up
2 people to help with the post refreshment tables
3 course marshal (you will be done in about 20 minutes from the start of the race).
2 people to help with clean up

Email me at mickiejauquet@gmail.com if you can help. The race starts at 9 am and is usually over by noon. It’s short and sweet. Come join us and cheer on the runners!

P.S. One new race director will be needed for next year.

Mickie (last time RD for T&H)

Hi Mickie,
I am happy to help out on the 18th. Is there something that my 10 year old could also help with? He’s starting to get into running and has fun watching the races.
Also, would love to hear more about what it takes to be a race director… I would love to get more involved with some of the FLRC races.


Great to hear on all accounts, Kristina. If Mickie doesn’t have a specific job for your son, I can always give him something to do at the finish line, like calling out incoming bib numbers or running another backup Seiko (neither of which is essential, but makes kids feel included and trains them for when we may need them).

Hi Kristina,

Yes, if he wants to help course marshal for the folks coming out of the 1-mile spot then he could also help Adam with the finishline. He would be on the ball field and directing runners to go straight up the ball field to the cones to turn into the parking lot. He would not be dealing with any traffic.

And can I get you to help out with food (post-refreshment table) and course marshal on the ballfield too? I can have you be at the cones your son will be directing runners to and then you get them to turn into the parking lot. This only takes 20 minutes at the start of the race and then plenty of time for food prep.


Yes that works all around.

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